Roshan Antibacterial Car Air Freshener


Box content – 1 x Roshan  Anti-bacteria Air Freshener for Car
Size: 15ML.
Eliminate Bacteria in your car.
Improved air quality in the car.
Proven material compatibility.
No aggressive cleaning components.
100% authentic pure essential oil used.
Can last to 1 month.

Roshan ensures fresh and clean air in the vehicle interior and eliminates unpleasant odours. The product provides a pleasant and fresh scent. Recommended for monthly use. Roshan is a 100% made in  Malaysia product.



Instructions to use Roshan  Anti-bacteria Air Freshener for Car.

Start the engine, switch off the air conditioning (A/C).
Turn the wooden cap open and remove the plastic stopper.
Place the clip onto the bottle’s neck.
Close back the wooden cap and tilt the bottle upside down for 10 seconds.
Place the clip to the car’s air conditioner vent.
Allow to run for 5-10 minutes for scent to work.